JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The City of Jackson is working to clean up illegal dumping on Hume Street and Bailey Avenue.

People living in the Verdin Addition say hundreds of tires and other garbage have been illegally dumped at the site of a burned-out home on Bailey Avenue since October.

The city removed some of the tires in January, but the dumping continued.

Officials with Jackson’s Department of Planning and Development said the case is currently in environmental court and they hope to begin clean-up and demolition efforts on the home in the 30 to 35 days.

The neighborhood association president says he’s holding the city to their word.

“It just elated me to hear that they are about to get it all cleaned up in the next 30 days. I hope they keep the promises of what they say they’re going to do. I’ll be keeping a close watch on it to make sure that they see these 30 days. They will have a cleanup crew out here to take it out. They could really do it. They don’t have a problem with not doing it because they had equipment, they have the manpower. All they had to do is just come out and do it,” said Ernest Smith, who is the president of the Verdin Addition Neighborhood Association.

The department is asking community members to help report any illegal dumping by using the online portal on the city’s website.