City Water Woes: Subcontractor says he did his job

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Jackson leaders accused Siemens of “massive fraud” for allegedly installing thousands of faulty water meters throughout the city.

One of the business owners listed in that lawsuit says his company did the work, and  the lawsuit is a slap in the face.

Terrance Friday has his reaction tonight.

Marcus Wallace of M.A.C. and associates says he can’t believe he is listed in a lawsuit about faulty water meters in the City of Jackson.

“The truth is going to come out and I can’t wait until the truth comes out.”

Wallace’s company was given a 19-million dollar sub-contract with the city.

The overall agreement was through Siemens, but he says M.A.C. and Associates were given the general contract for construction of the plan.

“There were some things that I wasn’t satisfied about and some things that I saw on behalf of the city as well, that, like I said, I can’t  go into detail about.”

Wallace sued Siemens in 2016 and says he asked the city to shut the project down because he noticed problems.

But, the city claims m.a.c. was not qualified to perform the work, and was part of an overall scheme to defraud Jackson.

“There’s proof to show we brought in subcontractors to get this job done. there’s proof to show that i’m no shady contractor and I don’t appreciate the mayor or his folks even saying that.”

Wallace says signed a confidentiality agreement with Siemens after suing the company so there are certain things he can’t say.

“I personally think it was very unprofessional on the mayor’s behalf to have a press conference before individuals have been served and it just goes to show the even bigger curse that’s on this city. It’s disheartening. Siemens has big pockets, but to sue small businesses that actually did the work. It’s disappointing.”

Part of the litigation claims other contractors were brought in to do the work mac was supposed to do.

Wallace says he has proof that he did everything lawfully and in compliance with the contract.

We are working with his attorney to obtain those documents.

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