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Clinton Speech Teacher Creates App

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 A variety of speech problems can make it hard for people to say words with more than one syllable. Therapy helps, and now thanks to a Speech Pathologist in the Clinton Public School District, that therapy got a little easier.

In the month since the Spark Speech App launched,  it’s been downloaded on at least 3 different continents.

As a Speech Pathologist, Melanie Clyatt is passionate about helping children in the Clinton Public School District become better communicators.  
She says, “I work with a variety of students with articulation and phonological problems. A thing I noted with several of my students this year, is that they were having a lot of problems with multisyllabic words.”
Each student in the Clinton Public School District is assigned a digital device, so creating an app they could take home with them seemed like a perfect fit.
 A co-worker in the District spent months bringing Melanie’s vision to life. Jesse Emling says, “My role here as an Instructional Technologist is to help teachers integrate their technological ideas.”
The free app is easy to download, and it’s light years ahead of traditional flashcards. 
Clyatt says, “They (students) are very responsive to using the realistic pictures and being able to use the I-Pad. Kids are so tech savvy now, this is something that is very supportive in speech for them.”
Students from preschool through high school are benefiting.
Clyatt explains, “When we start it, we have a choice whether we want to use words, phrases or sentences depending on their level.” 
And like any app, Spark Speech has plenty of room to expand and evolve.
Jesse Emling concludes, “We’d like to see it continued, to see it developed further, more downloads in the future and really help as many students as possible.” 
Sound good? Search Spark Speech mutlisyllabic words in the App Store. Touch is a powerful part of the Spark Speech App. Clyatt says her students enjoy kinesthetic feedback that touchscreens provide. 

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