MADISON, Miss. (WJTV) – Developers in Madison announced construction is underway on a new building project at The Town of Lost Rabbit on Thursday, July 28.

The location of the building is on 145 Republic Street in Madison. The building will offer retail and residential spaces, along with waterside views of the Barnett Reservoir for residents to enjoy.

The project will include a general store and other retail spaces on the bottom floor, along with six modern condominiums on the top two floors. This construction will be designed by Jackson architecture firm Dunaway Williams.

Todd Everrett, of Everrett Consulting Group and developer of the project, reported that the outlook of this project will provide a upscale residential offering in the neighborhood development for Lost Rabbit and surrounding areas.

“It’s truly an amenity to enhance the quality of life for all residents, as well as, our neighbors,” said Everrett.

Construction on the project is currently in the process and developers announced that the store could open in the Fall. Tenants will be accepted in Spring 2023.