Councilman Stokes and homicide victim’s grandmother speak on Operation to combat violent crime

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A day after the feds announced a crackdown on crime in Jackson, city leaders are speaking out.

12’ s Shay O’Connor met with Kenneth Stokes today. The two spoke about the recent operation put in place by U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst’s Office, in response to a spike in crime in Jackson over the past few weeks.

Mike Hurst held a news conference at the Cochran Federal Courthouse.

Hurst specifically addressed an operation that took place from last Tuesday through Friday.

25 arrests were made in Jackson during that time period. Four of them were murder suspects.

Councilman Kenneth stokes says he is not impressed by the results of this operation.

He says more can be done to combat violent crime here in the capital city. he shared his thoughts.

Councilman Kenneth Stokes says, “We need more. You just can’t do this every four or five months. And then get 20 people and say that’s good. When you have hundreds and thousands out here doing illegal activity. US Attorney pointing fingers at the police. Police pointing the finger at the sheriff’s department. Sheriff dept pointing the finger. Let’s stop pointing fingers and get out here and fight criminals. Let’s fight crime.”

Stokes goes on to say he agrees with Attorney Hurst in that guns need to be taken off the streets. He also agrees repeat offenders shouldn’t be constantly released by judges.

Stokes says he has been in talks with Hurst. 

He also believes the informant community is encouraged by the feds and are sometimes repeat offenders.

O’Connor spoke the grandmother of a man shot and killed earlier this year and she had a lot to say about what should be done when it comes to reducing crime in Jackson.

More on this story will be available at 4 pm.

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