Delta flood levels hit record high, still no relief for farmers

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Just when farmers and homeowners in the Delta were starting to feel relief, this past week’s storm has made their flooding worse. 

Believe it or not the flood conditions towns are in now are even worse than they were at the peak of the flooding. Still no words yet on the pumps or government aid and locals are growing less patient. 

Up until Sunday, Holly Bluff locals had clear access down Spanish Fort Road, but practically overnight the street was engulfed. 

“Doesn’t go away if you live here,” Delta Farmer Jimmy Hudson said. “But you know I guess it’s become the norm to a lot of Mississippi, or a lot of Mississippi just isn’t aware of what’s going on here in the south delta.”

Right now what’s going on is water levels as of Monday afternoon reached 97 feet and three inches above sea level from the back water flooding, the highest they’ve ever been since 1973. 

“It fell about a foot and rose about 15 more inches,” Chuck Perry told us. “And it’s getting closer and closer to the house, so just riding it out.”

Here on Holly Bluff Satartia road is just one of the examples; ten days ago we were able to drive all the way down across the bridge to Highway 49. But if you look off into the distance about a foot of water has people once again trapped. 

“I was through here a couple days ago and it wasn’t this bad,” Holly Bluff Fire Chief Glen Reams said. “It jumped like this overnight.”

Kicking farmers while they’re economically down and cutting off streets again. The biggest question on people’s minds is what more is it going to take for conversations about installing pumps?

“It may take something a lot more dramatic to bring the focus back on this,” Hudson said.

“It’s going to be millions of dollars in just farm losses and the local economy and Mississippi,” Perry stated. “Just thousands of acres of farmland that’s real productive farmland, but it’s not going to be much this year.”

One common way of protection has been levees and sand bags being placed around houses, but with record high levels of water, now it will only take about 10 more inches of water before they won’t hold it back. 

Yazoo County Emergency Management also wanted to stress roads that are deeply flooded are blocked off so please do not attempt to cross or you will be ticketed.

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