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Digital First: Boating Do’s and Don’ts

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As Memorial Day approaches, many of you may want to spend your days off on the water.

The Reservoir Police Department wants to remind everyone to have fun responsibly.

This weekend there will be an increased police presence in the reservoir community to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Lt. Dixon, Reservoir Police says,”We’re looking for reckless boating making sure you’re not endangering yourself or anybody else around you, also making sure that if you’re out on the water you don’t have any kind of glass containers, those are illegal base on our reservoir ordinance, also  while we’re out there we are making sure drivers are being safe and not consuming too much alcohol.”

Other things to remember is before setting sail you should make sure your boat is clean to prevent the spread of parasitic vegetation.

“We’ve incorporated a policy called clean, drain, and dry. What that basically means is we want you to check and we’ll also check to make sure that your boat is clean on the outside and make sure that your live wells are drained make sure they’re dried out just making sure you’re not taking vegetation out of this water or putting it back in the water.”

Cleaning and draining stations are available if your boats need it.

Due to efforts to prevent the spread of giant salvinia extra precaution must be taken while boating this year.

“Water levels are going to be a foot and a half down is normal things that you wouldn’t see when the water is elevated is going to be exposed so you’ll have stumps and that are actually exposed now because of the water being dropped so there are potential hazards.”

Before entering the water you want to make sure you have a life vest, a whistle, a throw-able flotation device, and a fire extinguisher in case of any emergencies.

WJTV’s Anthony Howard rode with Reservoir Patrolman to see the areas affected by the low water levels.

“If you go outside the channel markers you’re outside of that kind of clear area so you’re taking the chance of hitting a stump or anything else out there that could cause damage to your boat or be a potential hazard to you.”

Lt. Dixon tells me there is very little trouble in the reservoir area and typically only issues about five citations a day and says the community deserves the praise.

“The community they’re a big asset to us when they see something that’s not right they will give us a call so actually they’re helping us a lot, and we’re greatly appreciative of that because when we’re out here doing our job trying to make sure everything secure they’re also helping us as well, so they’re a great asset to the reservoir.”

Have a safe and responsible Memorial Day Weekend.

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