Digital First: How to ‘brand’ your business

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Always wanted to own your own business? Ever worried about how to start one or how to set what you do apart from the rest?

That’s where ‘branding’ comes in. Branding strategists find ways to help position your company and how to tell your story in a way that brings in customers.

WJTV’s Marcus James talks with Maranda Joiner to get advice. The story is part of our ‘Digital First’ initiative.

“What is a brand strategist?. So brand strategist Is essentially someone who helps you show up in the world as you’re bringing. Ways to help you give voice to what you do and how you do it.

A brand strategist can help you from anywhere to figure it out best ways avenues to market your business to help you come up with messaging. It depends on the brand strategy as you are. For me, my focus is primarily focused driven right? And so and so creative I help a creative’s and entrepreneurs to connect their purpose to their brand. And I do that through storytelling.

Marcus will have more on how to help position your business in the upcoming weeks. Be sure to download our mobile app to keep up with the latest.

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