DIGITAL FIRST: How to cope with your mental health during COVID-19

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The coronavirus isn’t the only health risk our community will have to battle. in fact Experts say the fight for our mental health is just as serious. 

Counselors across the Mississippi area are adapting their practices to keep working with clients at home during the stay-at-home order.

One of the big questions the comes to mind is, how do you actually cope with this? Well, Mr. Carter says the main thing is staying calm in every situation. However, for anybody, the smallest change in routine calls a grande amount of stress. He believes trying routines like playing games with your children can help.

“ Since a lot of us out with our children give a hell of a certain a lot, I have a certain amount allotted time for school and also have time bring 10 rings on game time on game time, going outside to exercise, exercise doing things they like to do”.

Maurice Carter PMHMP

Need help coping with the COVID-19 mentally?

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