Digital First: Zumba coach uses workout to keep others active and positive

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VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – There have been recent tensions in the United States, with protests over police brutality. There is also the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Now, some people are looking for ways to de-stress.

For eight years, Theresa Delgado has been coaching Zumba classes in Vicksburg everyday at 10:00 a.m. She looks at the workouts as celebrations.

“It’s a party… We had a Zumba class, which is Latin inspired music for 60 minutes. We get to go around the world and listen to a lot of different rhythms,” Delgado stated.

Her main focus is to help others view themselves in a better light.

“I want them to see a better version of their self. I want them to know that when they walk into the door, there is no judgment. It’s just fine. It’s just 60 minutes where you don’t think about anything but having fun.”

Delgado continued, “My goal is positivity. I don’t care what color you are. I don’t care what your background is. When you walk in the door, we’re going to dance together. We’re gonna laugh together. We’re gonna smile together, and we’re gonna love each other. That’s what we do in here.”

The Zumba instructor said the class feeds off each other’s energy.

”I can have the worst day and then come in here and see someone smiling. And it brings me to another level. It’s each other, it’s not just me. Everyone does it for each other.”


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