Digital First: Local woman develops app for minority business owners

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VICSKBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – Vicksburg native Megan Sullivan is a nine year marketing data analytics. She is also the creator of the POC Marketplace app, which is designed to help minority business owners. 

“We don’t have that large platform as those national businesses do. So there is a need to have that platform where, ‘Hey, I want to go to this category that might be clothing, or I want to shop from someone who has African clothing or someone of my dissent. I want to purchase from them,'” Sullivan explained.

She said the app will be open for anyone to use, not just for one communit.

“So it’s actually open to the other people. That’s why I named it ‘People of Color,’ because people of different designs, more so of the minority population, because we don’t have that. I would say we don’t have the funding to be able to be on those big Google platforms.”

The app will be available by the beginning of October. 


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