Digital First: Vicksburg mayor works to make a portion of Washington Street one-way

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VICSKBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – With downtown Vicksburg becoming a more attractive destination spot in the city for eating and relaxation, Mayor George Flaggs has plans to make a portion of Washington Street a one-way trade lane to bring the restaurants out on the street.

“We’re trying to do is to bring the restaurants out into the streets, so that they can serve in at the same time in attain the public and make it kind of like a block style atmosphere downtown,” he explained.

The project is expected to begin in October.

“We’re going to have a First Friday block party, where we’re going to have DJs and everything playing from music downtown. And hopefully, it brings back the millennial and that flavor that we need downtown to push in at the same time bring in revenue.”

The plans are to only have traffic rerouted Friday and Saturday only. 

“From South Street to Clay Street, and you can only go one way. That allows the restaurants to stand businesses and their seating capacity out on the street because of COVID. They have a 75% capacity. You can get another 25 or 50% of your business out in the street.”

Casey Crotwell, one of the managers at Cottonwood, feels this new extension will help the flow in the area.

“I think it’ll be good for business. I think it’ll help kind of keep the areas less crowded. I think it’ll be more space available for people to come in and people to be able to park, which could possibly bring in more revenue.”


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