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Dogs credited with saving a woman that drove into a ravine in Vicksburg

Local News

Dogs are credited with helping rescuers find a woman who crashed her car into a ravine.

Rescuers in Vicksburg searched several hours for her. 

Corrine palmer has lived in Vicksburg all of her life — but last Friday could have been her last day. 

“I blanked out and that’s what took me over in the ravine ,” Palmer said.

Authorities say  Palmer drove off the side of this road into ravine that is 50 feet deep. 

“I told the lord, I said you promised –you promised that you’ll never leave me.”

Her faith in the midst of being surrounded by garbage, mud and falling rain kept her going.

“I told the lord send me somebody, somebody,” she said. “He sent me somebody but it wasn’t a human being right then it was the dog that led the way.”

“Blackie “ and “Spotty” are being credited for the rescue of Palmer they stood on the side of the road barking into the ravine and Vicksburg Police Lt. Jonnie Edwards stopped and came to her rescued

Corrine Palmer recounts the moments she prayed to God. 

“Send somebody, nobody know where I am I don’t know where I am,” She said. “The weeds the garbage I don’t know where I am help me, send somebody — he sent the dogs! The dogs.”

Palmer says she is planning on buying the dogs some food to thank them.

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