The Clinton hostage situation which resulted in the deaths of five people started with a domestic disturbance.

WJTV 12’s Lanaya Lewis spoke with a local organization about how to spot the warning signs of domestic abuse, before it turns deadly.

Domestic violence can be a very difficult subject to talk about with friends or family.

Saturday’s incident shows you never know what people are going through behind closed doors.

One organization is helping people notice the signs.

It’s called domestic abuse, but what it boils down to is power and control.

The abuser wants to be in control and it happens in different forms – physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and financial. Wendy Mahoney with the Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence explains.

“A person within a relationship uses their power and control to manipulate, humiliate, degrade, demean someone else. 

According to research from the Violence Policy Center in 2016, Mississippi is 19th in the country when it comes to domestic violence homicide per single incident. Even those these numbers are preliminary, organizations like MCADV is working to keep these numbers from rising.

“An individual who chooses to leave a domestic violence relationship is at 500 times greater risk for imminent danger. So what that means is that the individual trying to leave is really at a point where homicide could be possible.” 

If you ever come across a family member or friend who seems to show visible signs of abuse help find them resources or notify the authorities.

“Helping somebody with a safety plan, giving them the resources to a local program. Our local shelter programs assist with safety planning, counseling, and support, not just shelter.” 

If you need help or someone you know needs assistance, call the National Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE.