Drivers without insurance are a problem in Mississippi

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Uninsured drivers are a problem on Mississippi roads. The state Insurance Commissioner is raising awareness of having uninsured motorist insurance — and has some good news for consumers.

The risk of driving without car insurance could leave you with a stack of bills and fines and in some cases if you are hit by an uninsured driver.

Under Mississippi Law, all drivers must have auto- insurance but only liability insurance is mandatory.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney says insurance rates are going down — and motorists should have car insurance. 

More importantly, having uninsured motorist coverage if you are hit by someone without insurance.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney says,  “We worked with the companies to develop a plan to have very reasonably priced uninsured motorist insurance it’s under $100 dollars a year that’s something I don’t care what you do — if you have only liability which is cheap but uninsured motorist to protect yourself.”

Over 10 years ago average insurance top 12 to 13 hundred dollars 

Commissioner Chaney also confirms meetings with insurance companies to get waivers to reduce the cost of automobile rates. 

One company planning a reduction is State Farm. If the rate change is granted they would have close to an 8 percent drop in less than 6 months

While auto rates may be dropping, Chaney says commercial insurance is on the rise here in Mississippi.

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