Eagle Lake community preparing for more flooding

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One community is no stranger to flooding. Eagle Lake has been dealing with high water for weeks,but with the threat of flash flooding people who live there wonder what could happen now.
WJTV 12’s katey roh went to Eagle Lake to see how people are prearing.

Standing nearly 3 feet tall is a man made levee, people living on Eagle Lake hope that the barrier will  save their land.

8 inmates from the Issaquena County Correctional Facility helped stack sandbags, taking the sandbag levee from an idea to a reality.

Thomas C. Parker lives on Eagle Lake, “3 agencies have assisted us continually throughout this flood flight…outside of that we feel like we’ve fought this fight on our own, kind of made a joke out of it that we have succeeded from the union and were the croppy republic of eagle lake and were not going down without a fight.”

On one side of the community is Eagle Lake on the other side they’ve got nearly 6 feet of backwater.
And now both bodies of water are now creeping onto the streets.

With all that rain expected some fear preperations may not be enough, “we now know in the next 72 hours we will be making emergency evacuations we will have to go in and physically take people out of houses because they are refusing to leave,” says Parker.

The Eagle Lake community was turned down on the federal disaster declaration.

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