EF-2 tornado victims in Mississippi picking up the pieces

Local News

People in the Delta foothills are still picking up the pieces, in the days following the mass storm destruction that’s still affecting thousands of people.

Entergy crews, linemen and engineers have been hard at work, day and night, over the last three days repairing what the winds ripped away.

At least 3,000 people are still without power as of Tuesday, following the two EF-2 tornados that came through Warren County Saturday. The hardest-hit area was off Tucker road, where a woman was injured in her home here, when a tree came crashing through the house during 120 mph winds.

Warren County EMD Director John Elfer said there is “a lot of damage in this area… Obviously, the clean-up is still ongoing. This street is still closed; you can’t even drive through most of it.”

“The houses adjacent to us, on either side, sustained major damage and behind me, what you see is the power crews, attempting to restore power.”

“Over to my left, covered with the blue tarp, sustained damage from the tornado as well as the tree through it. The lady that was home here that evening, in the living area, sustained a minor injury”.

Entergy has also brought in their mobile customer service vehicle, which will be in the parking lot of the Vicksburg Outlet Mall, until everyone has power.

Service reps there are providing their customers with information about their power and with the most basic of needs, while their homes are without electricity; charging their cell phones in order to stay in communication.

Entergy Representative Gerald Husband said the bus is for “customers in the area to stop by and try to get current information on approximately when power will be restored. We can look into it and provide them with the best information we have available.”

We also have battery chargers for cell phones, for those whose power is still out. We have bottle water that we can handout… We have charge stations and then we have portable battery chargers for the cell phones and we’re giving them those that they can take with them.”

Entergy will keep working, with a goal of getting everything back on by 11 p.m. Tuesday.  In case they are unable to, the service bus will be at the outlet mall again on Wednesday, waiting for customers.

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