Emergency Management: Mississippi, Pearl Rivers flooding

Local News

In the midst of the severe weather, heavy rainfall is causing the Mississippi River to flood in Warren County and the Pearl River to rise in Rankin County, officials said Saturday.

Some roads are already underwater in Warren County.

Emergency management teams say they’re monitoring the Mississippi River and that they’re prepared, in the event of flash flooding in the area.

“Obviously, we’ve had a series of meetings,” Warren County Emergency Management Agency Director John Elfer said. “We’ve been planning for this event, along with this river flooding and backwater flooding for some time.”

“Our public works folks, our first responders [and] our county road departments have already made plans and put plans in place to move certain types of equipment, barricades in the event that if we do see a heavy rainfall in a short amount of time.”

The Mississippi River is likely to rise to 46 and 1/2 today, Elfer added.

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