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NATCHEZ, Miss. (WJTV)- October is the month for ghosts and goblins and then getting our hour back that we reluctantly gave up for additional sunlight last spring. But it is also the month to have a little early fall fun before the cold and rainy weather really sets in. And a couple of Mississippi cities are doing that this weekend in entirely different ways.

Natchez has its eyes on the skies for the annual hot air balloon festival. There are ticketed events and concerts you can go to. But to see the balloons all you have to do is be outside when they are flying. When the winds are right usually the Mississippi River is involved- flying to or from Vidalia depending on an east or west wind.

What is it about choreographed colors- like vivid balloons dancing against a blue sky that is so appealing? Well, whatever, that itch gets scratched in Natchez this weekend- just like it will be with autumn leaves by the end of November followed by Christmas lights.

On up the Mississippi River a hundred and thirty miles as the crow flies, they are scratching their taste buds at the Greenville Tamale Festival this weekend, too.

Greenville attests itself to be the hot tamale capitol of the world. Growing up there- having had a couple of dozen Does tamales on the supper table every now and again I can attest to it, too. And tamale makers from all over come to Greenville hoping to be judged having the best tamales this year. Meanwhile, millennial children are discovering the levee as a playground for the first time. That was our go-to playground when I was a kid.

Other Greenville events ride the coattails of Tamale Festival Weekend- like the Monuments on Main Street tour of Greenville Cemetery, also happening this weekend- Friday and Saturday nights with a daylight matinee tour Sunday afternoon.

He may or may not be on the cemetery tour this year, but go see Senator Percy’s grave with the medieval soldier statue. I’ve told this before- but if put your hands atop his folded hands and look deeply into his eyes and ask him what he’s doing. He will say, “Absolutely nothing.” See what I mean?  He does it every time. Walt Grayson 12-News.

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