JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Family members of loved ones who have been laid to rest at Autumn Woods Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Jackson want answers after someone took temporary name markers off of gravesites.

Dozens of families said property management removed the temporary markers and flowers and placed them into garbage cans and burn piles.

The cemetery’s property owner, State Representative Earle Banks, said leaving temporary markers on graves is against the cemetery’s rules, and those items are removed on a regular basis to cut grass.

Lora Williams, whose mother was buried at the cemetery nearly four years ago, said this is the first time something like this has happened.

“That is a bold-faced lie. He doesn’t do this yearly,” she said. “We know personally, of people who have been here for over a year, two years, three years, and this has not… this has never happened.”

Williams continued, “It’s very distrusting to come out here and go to look for your loved one, and you’re not able to find them, and you’re not able to find, you know, people they’ve buried. It’s just heartbreaking. It’s very heartbreaking.”

A sign at the cemetery said markers that are left for more than two weeks will be removed.

Banks said he keeps a log of where everyone is buried, and he’s happy to help families find their loved ones’ graves when they call the cemetery’s funeral home.