Family members of Curtis Flowers speak out

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Over 20 years ago prosecutors accused Curtis Flowers of killing four people in Winona.

Friday, the Supreme Court overturned his murder conviction.

Family and supporters of Curtis Flowers are breathing a sigh of relief after prosecutors accused him back in 1996 of killing four people. Now, the Supreme Court has ruled that he deserves another trial. 

The killings happened here on front street in Winona at a furniture store named Tardy’s.

Now the murder and death convictions were thrown out because of a prosecutors efforts to keep black people off of the jury. 

Flowers sister-in-law Roshell Alexander-Flowers says,  “We’re equal almost in population definitely it’s been a long journey for the family been a long for ya we want we just right now happy right now happy filled with joy glad that justice is prevailing now.”

Their message to the district attorney who has failed to prosecute 6 times is to do your job.

“As a community we need to find out who actually did we know their family is hurting too we’re hurting but to have the wrong person find the right person.”

Judge Brett Kavanaugh ruled the removal of the jurors deprived Curtis Flowers of a fair trial. 

In dissent, Justice Clarence Thomas called Kavanaugh’s opinion “manifestly incorrect” and wrote that Flowers “presented no evidence whatsoever of purposeful race discrimination.” 

Family members say they are ready for Curtis Flowers to come home.

His sister Priscilla Flowers -Ward says,  “The sweetest person you could know he got along with anybody he joked around he sung in the gospel group with my daddy anybody got along with Curtis. “

“Free Curtis that’s what I want, Curtis to come home, we want him to come home. Free Curtis, we don’t want no seventh trial. We want them to say let him come home until you can find the right person let him live his life .”

District attorney Doug Evans is running unopposed I this election cycle— it’s unclear at this time if he will go forward with another trial. 

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