JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The first Zero Net home in Mississippi is now ready for move in.

The Zero Net Energy home was made possible by Atmos Energy and Habitat for Humanity. When Atmos Energy approached Habitat for Humanity about the creation of the home, everyone was on board.

“Atmos approached us about a year ago and said we’ve got this wonderful project that we’d like to talk to you about. We sat down together. They told me what a zero net energy house was, and then they said they’d sponsor the entire house. In Habitat Land, that is a pretty thrilling opportunity,” said Merrill McKewen, executive director of Habitat for Humanity.

Equipped with state-of-the-art carbon-reducing energy, this home is more than just energy efficient, it also reduces strain on the pockets.

“Seventy-five dollars in electricity and gas, which is the affordability factor, can’t be ignored. Then, obviously the environmental factor, as well. This is just a unique opportunity for renewables and natural gas to partner together. We’re delighted to work with Habitat on this project,” said Bobby Morgan, Vice President of Public Affairs for Atmos Energy.

For Shacora Brown, she’s still processing receiving her new home.

“Now that it’s right there, it’s still not a reality to me. Like to be out here to see this house being built from nothing but the concrete ground up. I was here from start to finish. This is overwhelming and I am overly excited about it. Like this is impossible,” she said.

According to Atmos Energy officials, the estimated energy cost should be no more than $75 per month.