JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Heartache, rage, anger and disbelief are some of the emotions a grieving family is experiencing after a crash took the life of their loved ones.

“You know, it’s a really hard time right now. You know, me and my family really, really going through a lot mentally and emotionally,” said Kayloebe Hall, the son of Valerie Lynch.

The family of 46-year-old Azure Higgins and 43-year-old Valerie Lynch said the two sisters were in their prime, enjoying life when they were struck by a vehicle during Martin Luther King weekend in Jackson.

Authorities arrested 22-year-old Jada Kelly in connection to the incident.

“We lost two just great people. My mom is beautiful. She was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. Great energy. Same with my auntie as well. She was also very beautiful, very high energy that was just very energetic and positive people. Both of them. It’s a tragedy. You know, the way they went, they died to a drunk driver, which was careless, and it really could have been avoided,” said Noah Hudson, the son of Lynch.

The family said they spent the day of the crash, January 15, going from hospital to hospital, unsure of there whereabouts.

Still trying to heal from the recent loss of losing her older brother and now dealing with the sudden death of her mom, Tyra Azure said she lost her comforter.

“She was so full with my brother, you know, and that’s really hard losing two most important people in my life so close together, you know? And, you know, I just try to think that they are all right, you know?” she said.

According to police, Kelly had a blood alcohol level of .18 at the time of the crash. She was arrested and charged with aggravated DUI.