JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The family of a missing man is pleading with the public for answers in the disappearance of Kourtenay Davis.

“When we actually knew he was missing, January 16, it was actually Martin Luther King holiday, so that forever stays in our head,” said his aunt, Martha Hartzog.

That date, January 20, 2016, will forever be engraved in their minds.

He was 26-years-old at the time of his disappearance. Family members said he was last seen at what was the Fred’s Discount Store on Terry Road in Jackson.

“Our family has gone through a lot. This has just been heartbreaking, not to know anything,” said Hartzog.

Davis’ mother said her son, a car fanatic who juggled two jobs, last spoke about buying a car in South Jackson and was accompanied by a friend. His black Chevy Camaro was found days later near the Jackson Police Department, completely cleaned out.

“I feel like an arrest should have been made,” said Hartzog.

Davis was the youngest of five. His aunt said he didn’t go a day without speaking to his mom. His mother, Michelle, returns to the area where he was last seen every Saturday.

“I can’t see him. He’s only a picture to me. I can only go in his room with a picture,” said his mother.

His family believes Jackson Police dropped the ball in this case.

They hope that by speaking out, someone will finally come forward with some answers for what loved ones describe as their sweet and funny man, the glue to the family.

“We want Kourtenay to come home. We need answers. Someone knows. As they say, the streets talk. The streets talk. They know,” said Hartzog.

Anyone who knows anything on Kourtenay Davis’ whereabouts is asked to reach out to police.