HOLMES COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Jacqueline Epps, of Lexington, disappeared nine days ago. Authorities believe she was involved in an accident near the Shell on I-55. She was last seen asking to use a phone.

“We searched the area where the accident. We checked the woods. We was walking down the side of the highway. We was looking in ditches, and we passed out flyers in neighborhoods just looking for her,” said Regina Epps.

Jacqueline’s family said they received a tip on Facebook about their loved one being seen 41 miles away in Winona. They said they’re concerned about her being missing for a long time because she needs medication.

“She has epilepsy, and it’s a certain dosage that she has to keep in her system or she’ll just have a seizure out of nowhere. She has brain trauma because she was shot in 2002, so part of her brain is missing. So, she has a metal plate in the back of her head, and they have medicine to help her regulate that,” said Joslyn Epps, Jacqueline’s daughter.

Holmes County Sheriff Willie March said they’re trying everything to find Jacqueline.

“We had them to fly over there, and also, we had a dog unit come in, and we had a dog unit track according to what they tell us to the other side of that highway, and from there they couldn’t track her any further,” said March.