Farmers struggle to move passed flooding setbacks

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 The flooding impacting large parts of the state has some Mississippi farmers throwing in the towel. They are accepting defeat and calling this year’s harvest a loss.


Catherine Poole worked in commercial fishing along the big black river for more than 25 years starting in the 1970s. She says during her time on the water she grew to know the headaches that can come with flooding.


“When you’ve lost equipment in that river and whatever, you know how it is to lose money because of the water,” Poole said.


For months, famers in warren county and other parts of the state have been dealing with the consistent heavy rain and flooding. This only adds to the pressure of trying to get fields ready for the fall. With plant deadlines quickly approaching around June, hopes for a bountiful harvest has been washed away.


“You’ve got a deadline on when to plant your soybeans, and your cotton. If it (the water) doesn’t hurry up and go down, they’re going to be way behind. The soybeans and the corn should already be up and starting to tassel,” Poole said. “It hurts everybody because the price of things will go up. The farmers will be at a loss and we are going to pay the price.”

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