JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – After failure to place the Raymond Detention Center in better conditions while under a jail consent decree, federal Judge Carlton Reeves has put Hinds County in civil contempt.

On Friday, February 4, Judge Reeves released an order stating the County failed to end unconstitutional conditions of confinement at the detention center.

In 2016, Hinds County’s Board of Supervisors promised to fix the problems by agreeing to a consent decree. However, many of the problems are still prevalent in 2022 said Judge Reeves, citing “the County is non-compliant with more than two dozen provisions of the Consent Decree.”

The decision of the consent decree was influenced after ongoing detainee-on-detainee violence, staff-on-detainee violence, dangerously low staffing levels and the failure to meet constitutional standards such as “jail policies and procedures, housing and classification systems, the physical plant, internal investigations, detention of persons who should have been released, and the treatment of juvenile and suicidal detainees.”

Civil contempt is a sanction to enforce compliance with an order of the court. According to the order, as for consent decrees, courts have “the power to enforce and modify the terms of the decree and to penalize the noncomplier through contempt proceedings or the issuance of injunctive relief.”

Hinds County’s new attorneys filed a motion to terminate the Consent Decree. In November 2021, Judge Reeves gave them three weeks to compile their reasonings why civil contempt and a receivership should not be created against RDC.

A hearing will be held on Monday, February 14 to determine the next state of RDC.

To read the full order, click here.