Federal law enforcement meets with families of gun violence victims in Jackson

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Families of gun violence victims met with the state’s U.S. Attorney and FBI investigators in Jackson on Thursday. They want answers after the death of their loved ones.

Some of the families recently lost their loved ones. As for others, it’s been months and they still have no answers. They praised Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes for arranging the meetings with the federal agencies. They said the meetings gave them hope that one day they will get justice.

“Make sure we never give up hope. A lot of families start feeling like nobody cares, and they were feeling like who’s going to be next to die in Jackson. And killers run the street, and no one caught and punished. We want them to know it’s just a local effort but the United States government is involved,” said Stokes.

The family of Kennedy Hobbs, FedEx Driver Robert Williams, Rose Culley and Constance Brown met with the U.S. Attorney and FBI agents asking for help to find those responsible for killing their loved ones.

“I hope to get justice for him and not only for him. All these other victims around Jackson that families have no closure. These senseless murders that’s going on, we need justice, we need help, we need justice,” said Tierra Williams, the wife of Robert Williams.

Her husband was killed in August 2021 while sitting in his truck, and she’s worked tirelessly to find answers.

“I’ve met with Mr. Kenneth Stokes. I’ve met with JPD. I’ve put up flyers with the reward money. I’ve even offered a personal reward coming out of my own pocket and just try to get justice for our children,” said Williams.

Rose Culley was killed in November 2020, and her uncle has been suffering since, not knowing if anyone will be held accountable.

“It hurt a little bit to think about what happened to her, but I’m just trying to bring justice to her death. She was a great niece to me. I love her with all my heart,” said Willie Earl Culley.

“With the federal government help, with the local police help and with the sheriff’s department help, we’re going to bring Jackson back again and make Jackson safe for everyone,” said Stokes.

The families believe the meeting was beneficial, and they are hopeful it will bring them one step closer to justice.

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