JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Fertile Ground Brewery is a new addition to the Belhaven Town Center Development project. The grand opening was held on Friday, May 13.

“The name started with a TEDx event back in 2014 that was themed fertile ground. This idea that Mississippi, and Jackson in particular, have everything they need to really support entrepreneurship and growth,” explained Conner Reeves, Co-founder of Fertile Ground and Beer Company.

The process for the grand opening has taken nearly two years to complete. This is the first Fertile Ground Brewery in the state. The company is made up of local neighbors who saw a need for an extra brewery in the area.

“The building is huge. I love the name and the idea behind the company. I heard it was their grand opening today, so there must be a pretty good crowd in there,” said Anne Shavers, who lives in Jackson.

Neighbors in the area have been waiting for this since they heard about it months ago. The grand opening featured a collection of locally brewed beers as well. Food trucks and live music will also be taking place on Saturday, May 14.