While many enjoy time off of work on this day of giving, the medical staff at hospitals like the VA and other first responders across Mississippi are spending their Christmas serving the community, just so their holidays won’t be a bust.

VA Nurse Jodi Stubbs said “it’s actually fun because you get to spend time with them and the ones who come in really sick are usually in the ER and spread some cheer to them when they’re not feeling so well.”

For some, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but for others it’s another busy day protecting the public. 

AMR Paramedic  Ken Walters said “you know, emergencies don’t take a holiday. I mean people still get hurt, people still get injured, people still get sick.” 

In many cases for first responders and hospital staff, Christmas shifts mean bringing the holiday celebrations to their patients and giving them joy in times of need. 

“We’re leaving our families for people who left their families to go overseas,” VA Nurse Jasmine Crosby said. “So it’s nothing for us to leave our families for one day just to come and take care of people.”

Another interesting offer the VA Medical Center in Jackson has is Johnny Cash the Cat who’s available 24/7 to sit with and comfort Veterans in their time of need.