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Flood forces Yazoo County EMS to sleepover at Holly Bluff Fire Station

Local News

Currently 35 roads in Yazoo County are closed due to flooding.

This has forced first responders to change their approach to serving rural towns cut off.

1-2 paramedics have been spending the night here at the holly bluff fire department over the past few days.

This is so they can quickly respond to those needing medical help.

In partnering with Yazoo County Emergency Management and Fire Chief Reams, EMS has put paramedics on standby here to keep a presence in the area.

The way it works is EMS will send a crew out here each morning that will then spend 24 hours monitoring the town and then sleeping over in the stations office.

And it’s not the comfiest given they only have 1-2 mattresses and a blanket to sleep on all night, but if it means saving a life and avoiding an hour ambulance wait it’s all worth it.

“This is kind of a disaster type deal you just have to deal with whatever you have to deal with,” Paramedic Doug Degruise said. “The people out here are dealing with a lot so this is the least that we can do. You know I might have to toss and turn for a little while but you know were making a difference.”

“I just try to fix them up something because they do so much for the community here,” Holly Bluff local Beverly Reams said. “And just being part of the community you know we’re family and they’re willing to come here and help us.”

Since this has begun Chief Reams tells me they have yet to have any serious emergencies to answer, but it’s better to have a plan and not need it then vice versa.

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