Flooding kills hunting season along the river

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Hunting has been cut short for some people— and you can blame the rising Mississippi River.

Floodwaters have closed some prime hunting grounds..

All hunting except waterfowl are now closed–in parts of Sharkey, Humphreys, Yazoo, Issaquena, and Warren counties — more closures are on the way. And this is nothing new according to Jamey Ray with Van’s Deer Processing.

“A lot of those guys that hunt on the Mississippi River some of them are getting away from it because it’s a chronic problem every year.”

Hunters lock up your rifles–the mighty Mississippi is on the rise–hunting in 5 counties is officially closed–including Warren County.

“That’s some of the most prime deer hunting land in the state so it brings the most lease money so those guys they’re out quite a bit of money when it affects them.”

“Is it frustrating at all?”

“Yeah, absolutely I mean you know they like I said it usually comes down to money I mean people have spent money for deer hunting these leases cost a lot of money  and they absolutely have to start over for the year.”

The Pearl River also put some hunters in a bind this year–something Jamey Ray tells me he isn’t used to. 

“One of our employees here actually went to his camp Friday and stayed  the weekend and the water got so high he couldn’t leave until Tuesday he had to stay an extra day because he was on high ground but the road out was low and he had to wait an extra day.”

Even though many are unable to use their desired hunting land–if there’s a will there’s a way–which keeps business going strong at van’s deer processing.

“Luckily even though certain land gets flooded they usually find somewhere to hunt so they usually still bring the deer.”

when the Greenville gauge reaches 48 feet and when the Vicksburg gauge reaches 43 feet more hunting areas will close.

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