FOCUSED ON FITNESS: Sharon Clark shares her weight loss story

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What’s the secret to staying motivated, even when you feel like giving up? WJTV 12’s Shay O’Connor spoke to one woman who said she relies on a devine voice to keep her on track to her weight loss.

Sharon Clark was no stranger to taking on obstacles in life. But one day last year, she took on her biggest challenge, weight loss.

Clark said “I couldn’t find anything I wanted to eat. I said ‘Ok, God is this you telling me I need to get healthy?’ It was.”

It was Ash Wednesday 2018 when Clark ditched the fatty foods and sugar for lent, and to take on a healthier lifestyle. Her lenten challenge lasted a lot longer than 40 days. One year later, Clark is now 132 pounds lighter. She gave all the credti to faith.

Clark said “I asked God to be my conscience, for God to change my heart to where I want to exercise more. I asked Jesus to fill my stomach with his presence and the Holy Spirit to wrap himself around me.”

Clark said she’s not done shedding pounds. Every morning she’s up early and at the “Y” at 7 a.m.

She spends time on the bike, does arms legs and core movements, and wraps up with pool aerobics.

Clark said she has more energy and a brand new outlook.

Sharon Clark said “It’s a new beginning. A new lease on life. I have something more to life to just eating junk food and being lazy. I work in my yard more and I enjoy it and can do it.”

Clark credited her faith, God children and her friends at the “Y” who have cheered her along the whole way through.

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