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Walt Grayson is with us to help wrap up the week with a story about love.

Love was on everybody’s mind yesterday, being Valentines Day. But Walt, you met a couple who’ve been in love a lot longer than just a day.

Gay and Perry Huff have proved that love can last. They’ve been married 66 years. I chatted with them this week at their home in Jackson and they have some advice for us.

When they met Perry was a senior in college and Gay was a senior in high school. So, when did they know it was the real thing?

“Pretty near right off.”

“He reached over and held my hand. It was as if we had known each other forever.”

That was over 66 years ago. And they still hold hands. Sometimes things are great over these many years, sometimes not so great. Expect that. That’s life. And it starts right away.

“Almost immediately he got orders to go overseas. We had been married two months, two weeks and two days. And he left for 15 months.”

Kinda tough on newlyweds, a separation like that. How does love go the distance? How can you make the commitment last?

“Well, they need to realize they ARE making a commitment.”

“There needs to be a quiet moment before you marry when you realize that you are giving up stuff. You can’t have it all.”

But look what you have you would never have had otherwise: Children, grandchildren. Someone to do things with and go places with and grow old with. And share little things, like Perry and Gay’s Valentine card. They picked it up nearly 15 years and liked it so much they just keep giving it over and over every year.

“We look back now and we know, we know this for a fact, that God put us together.”

Their faith has been their foundation. And one more benefit comes from being together this long.

“I am so thankful that I live with somebody who knew me when I was 17. To have somebody that remembers when you were really cute?”

“Even though you do have your ups and downs you always know you love your spouse and she loves you. So It’s just love.”

And the greatest of these is love. Thank you Gay and Perry for showing us it can be done, if we want to.

MONDAY, you’ve heard the old saying the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys? And it COULD be the same toy! Depends on what you do to it. Big kids toys! The Starkville Farm Toy Show is this weekend. I’ll have a story about it Monday.

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