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It’s Friday afternoon and as usual Walt Grayson take us into the weekend with another story.

There is a bitter-sweet addition being added to Strawberry Patch Park in Madison. What is that all about, Walt?

It is going to be called the Madison Children’s Memorial Garden. It will be a beautiful setting but from very sad origins.

The sign showing where the Madison Children’s Memorial Garden will be, overlooks pretty much an empty space right now, populated with a few recently planted trees that you can see- and lots of dreams for the future that you can’t see right now- a fountain, a pavilion, walkways, flowers- a garden any town would love to have. But this bright and peaceful idea started in a very dark place- with several Madison families who have had children to die. The mothers have come together for a support group and bonded under the name, “Too Soon,” Cordie Rodenbaugh explains.

“Because if anybody knew how we felt was another mother who lost her child”.

D-Day General and former President Dwight Eisenhower made the statement that, after the death of a child things never get back to the way they were. A part of the healing after a child’s death, maybe better put, a part of the coping, seems to be a need to do something to make sense of the senseless. For example, The Lauren Rogers Museum of Art came about as a gift to the city of Laurel by the parents after the death of young Lauren Rogers. And also Look up the face Book Page ‘Jack Attack’ and see how the challenge to do random acts of kindness is in honor of another Madison County youngster who also died too soon.

And now the Madison Children’s Memorial Garden. Donna Yowell with the MS Urban Garden Council loves the healing aspects of the project.

“This is one of our projects with America in Bloom. A lot of us have lost children. And this is a way for parents to do something in honor of their children. But it’s also a very healing garden.”

“It’s a great location for this. It’s next to the chapel. We’re trying to do something as beautiful as the spirit that is that’s creating it.”

“And I must say it is the first time I have ever heard of a Children’s Memorial Garden and it was extremely moving and I think it’s a fabulous project.”

“It just helps us doing something. Knowing we’re doing something for our children. Always working gardens and stuff helps heal. But just knowing we’re doing it for our children that’s, that’s real special.”

It will take lots of fund raising to make the rest of the garden a reality. And other families who have lost children, whether from Madison or not may have a stone engraved with their child’s name for the pavilion.

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