As we continue our Crime Crisis: Focused on Solutions series, WJTV 12’s Walt Grayson takes a look at how crime is leading to another glaring need in the community: the need for housing. 

 Since 1976, Habitat for Humanity has been building affordable housing to not only help nurture stronger families, but also strengthen neighborhoods. And as neighborhoods are strengthened, crime goes elsewhere.

Walt visited this year’s Women’s Build project, which took place on Mother’s Day, helped rehab a home in the Broadmoor Community in Jackson. The Women’s Build, where the initiative for rehabilitation of one of the homes in the area is headed up by women, helped restore a sense of community to an area neglected historically. 

Broadmoor was initially a Government Issue, or G.I., neighborhood that was settled primarily by returning World War Two veterans. Over the decades as their families grew, the wider spaces of the suburbs attracted the original homeowners and the houses they left behind became primarily rental property.

So now, some years later, Habitat for Humanity hopes to lead the charge to help rehab the city of Jackson.

“We’ve actually been recognized by MetLife and won a large award because we can statically prove that Habitat being in a neighborhood had reduced the crime,” says Merrill McKewen, Executive Director of Habitat for the Capitol Area.

Walt speaks to McKewen and a member of the Beta Delta Omega about the efforts to fight crime by building more affordable housing while restoring a sense of security to those who live there.