FOCUSED ON YOU: Beth Kander comes to Lemuria with her new novel Original Syn

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For Beth Kander, it began simply enough.  She was reading an article in Time magazine about the possibility of technology merging with humanity.

The idea scared her.  If the article was right, humanity as we know would end in 35 years.  So she tried to cope with her fear the best way she knew how.  She started to write about it.

The result is Original Syn, Kander’s novel which is the first part of a planned science fiction trilogy.  She was in town at Lemuria Bookstore to do a book signing and reading from the book.  That’s where Walt Grayson (who is also a longtime friend of Beth’s) caught up with her.

In Original Syn, Kander has created a dystopian future where, after an event called the Singularity, civilization is split into two groups:  Synthetic Citizens, also called Syns, who are hybrids of humans and computer technology; and Originals, humans who refused to merge their bodies with technology.  The two sides are in a bitter cold war, with the Syns looking to come out victorious.  But when one Original young man meets an intriguing Syn woman, questions start to get asked.

While Beth lives in Chicago now with her husband and daughter, she lived in Jackson for many years, where she was voted Best Writer by the Jackson Free Press three times.  An accomplished playwright, Beth has had three of her plays win prizes in the Eudora Welty New Play Series at New Stage Theatre.

In addition to being able to purchase Original Syn at Lemuria Bookstore, you can go online and purchase the book from the publisher at you use the code GRATITIUDE40, you get 40% off the price of the book.

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