Former JPD officer found guilty of simple assault for beating a man while in handcuffs

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A former Jackson Police officer is found guilty of simple assault for beating a man while on duty.  

Now the former officer is back in a position of power working for Jackson State University campus police.

More than a year after this video was released a judge convicted and sentenced former JPD officer Justin Roberts to 7 days suspended and a $500 fine for assaulting Ladarius Brown while in handcuffs.

Some call the punishment too light but brown’s attorney calls it justice.

“That’s significant in that most officers get nothing,” Attorney, Carlos Moore explained.

However Moore’s victory is overshadowed after learning Roberts is back on the force at Jackson State University.

“We’re hoping that with this conviction that Jackson State University immediately fire this man. He is a danger to society… I want them to know that, y’all know that, y’all hired somebody that would punch somebody several times in handcuffs? Did you know that you hired somebody that kneed my client several times in handcuffs? So this man is guilty,” Moore said.

The disgraced officer’s attorney argues Roberts followed training and was justified in his actions.

“Police work is brutal, that’s why they carry guns, that’s why they carry tasers, that’s why they carry handcuffs, because it is brutal and sometimes they have to use force, and it’s a sad day when we are prosecuting officers for doing just that,” Attorney, Francis Springer said.

Francis Springer feels JSU hired his client because of his training and says he hasn’t had any issues while working for campus police.

“A lot of these videos is you come in on the tail end and you miss a lot of what’s happening, and now I’m not sitting here justifying bad police officers, because there are bad police officers,” However Springer doesn’t believed Roberts is one of them.

We reached out to JSU for comment and are waiting to hear back.

Roberts’ attorney says they are considering appealing Wednesday’s verdict.

Brown’s attorney says they have a civil case against the City of Jackson.  

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