YAZOO COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Three people were arrested for armed robbery and one person was arrested for robbery in separate cases around the Bentonia area.

The Yazoo Herald reported the robbery happened on July 22 after hours at Bentonia Gas and Food convenience store. The suspect stole money, cigarettes, vaping items and more. Bentonia police and Yazoo County deputies were able to identify the suspect as William Ellzey, 19, from security footage. He was arrested and charged with commercial burglary.

The armed robbery happened at the Shell gas station in the Bentonia area. Simon Stubblefield with the sheriff’s department said three people walked into the gas station and told the owner he owed them money. One of them pulled out a gun and walked the owner to the back of the store. There he was forced to write a check for the money he supposedly owed. The suspects then left the scene.

According to the newspaper, the suspects were arrested two hours later. Kendrick Granderson and R.L. Brown were charged with armed robbery, kidnapping and conspiracy. Ledarius Hucks was charged with armed robbery.