Friends and Hinds County Investigators continue to search for missing Raymond woman

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Friends of missing woman Danielle Nipper are growing more concerned by the day as we near three weeks since she was last seen.

WJTV 12’s Margaret-Ann Carter spoke with Nipper’s friends about her bizarre disappearance and the fight to bring her home.

A breast cancer survivor, recent widow and single mother, friends of Danielle Nipper say the 52-year-old was dealing with a lot.

“In the past year I don’t think anybody had really heard from her, she kind of cut everybody off,” friend of Danielle’s, Sherry Bryant explained.

When friends received the news their friend disappeared, leaving behind her phone, wallet, keys and purse, they knew something wasn’t right.

“I don’t feel like she left on her own free will and I don’t feel like she’s staying gone on her own free will,” Bryant explained.

Danielle’s friend, Traci Hohenstein expressed similar feelings, “I feel like something happened to her… if you’re going to go away for 2 or 3 days what woman leaves her purse behind,”

Longtime friend, Traci Hohenstein writes mystery novels for a living, but this isn’t one of her books, this is real life and she can’t control what comes next. 

“Every time I find out something there’s another question, so I’m coming up with more questions than I am answers,” she said.

Well versed in her career as a suspense author Hohenstein knew where to begin. She created missing posters with her friends face on them and talked with anyone who might know something.

“I start from the beginning just like I would with one of my books. Just go through the beginning, what happened, who was the last person to see her, who her friends and family are, what was she doing the last couple of days,” she explained.

However she also knows how many of her stories end.

“The longer a person goes missing it gets tougher to find them, and you definitely don’t want the trail to go cold, and your mind starts going okay now it’s been 48, 72 hours, they haven’t shown up and then you have to start thinking of other things,” Hohenstein said.

Hohenstein continues to play her role as a friend, while investigators work to find Nipper.

If you have any information at all please call the hinds county sheriff’s department at 601 974 2900.

She was last seen January 24th wearing maroon sweatpants, a white shirt and tennis shoes.

To connect with others searching for Danielle Nipper you can visit her Facebook Page dedicated to bringing her home.

You can also provide anonymous tips here.

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