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  Mississippi is home to some of the best soil in the world. So why don’t we do eat better?
Anyone who grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons learned, “You are what you eat.” The Garden Farmacy in Bolton has a prescription to get you dining right and feeling good. 

  A patch of healthy heaven rests atop some of the highest ground in Hinds County. Five gardens on six acres, nutrition is sewn right into the hillside of the Garden Farmacy. 

  Taylor Yowell is the owner.

  He says, “We’ve got Swiss chard. We’ve got spinach, beets. We’ve got carrots, tomatoes, squash, flowers, culinary herbs. We’ve got fruit trees.”

  In three years, Taylor and his partner have transformed an overgrown homestead into a cornucopia that can keep 80 families well stocked with vegetables for a week at a cost of around $30.

 Marbury Jacobs is the Farm to Health Program Manager at The Garden Farmacy.

 She explains, “We’ve touched every seed that’s come into the field. Then, everything we plant, we plant by hand, so really every plant you see here, we have touched, made sure it’s healthy.”

 Rain water makes this garden grow. No pesticides here. Taylor doesn’t even use a tractor. This is how produce is supposed to taste. And the health benefits?

 Taylor explains,”We’re trying to get people to overdose on nutrition. Through this program, and valuable healthy nutrition that the body knows. It’s not out of the bottle. It’s right out of the ground and put on your plate.” 

 An evolving variety of produce is plucked each week then driven to Ridgeland, Jackson, Madison and Yazoo City. 

 Marbury adds, “So we’re just excited to be working on kind of the public health diet related chronic disease issues in Mississippi. Food can be the cure and that’s kind of what we are working toward.” Taking a natural approach, it’s good for the land and good for you to.

  You can find out more at

  The Garden Farmacy’s offerings change with the seasons. Their Summer Vegetable Sharing Program is already sold out!

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