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  Inspired green spaces could be as close as your neighbor’s backyard. This weekend, Madison Ridgeland Academy will celebrate the Gardens of Madison County for the 25th time! The fun gets rolling Friday (5/3/19)  evening with a kickoff party at Lost Rabbit. That will be followed by 2 days of insipiring and informative tours.     
Just what does make your garden grow? It’s a important lesson for K3 students at Madison Rigeland Academy. 

  Teacher Theresa Brown explains, “To instill in them how everyone is different, and everyone blooms at different times.”

  These busy little gardeners are only the begining. This weekend you can see how their grown up counterparts cultivated their creativity into inspiring green spaces. You’re invited to the 25th MRA Gardens of Madison County tour. 

  Margaret Biggs is the event co-chair this year.

  She explains, “We start in October, getting these houses together and these gardens. So these people start getting everything together and it’s going to look good.” 

 Table scapes, grilling areas, locally made crafts and of course beatiful gardens make up the tour. It’s also a great place to meet new friends. 

  Margaret says, “Getting to know people, seeing the gardens, seeing parts of Madison that you’ve never seen.” 

  See for yourself from 9 until 5 Saturday (5/4/19) and 12 until 5 Sunday (5/5/19).

  Tickets are avaliable by calling or stopping by M-R-A. Funds raised will insure classes like Ms. Brown will continue to grow and flourish. 

 Theresa Brown conlcudes, “We would love to have y’all come visit, and we are going to have a great show this year.”

     You can also buy your tickets from an M-R-A student. I am Andrew Harrison and the Gardens of Madison County are “What’s Working” in Mississippi this week.

  The community celebration begins Friday with a garden party and market at the Lost Rabbit Town Center and Marina.

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