GLUCKSTADT, Miss. (WJTV) – Minors are now prohibited from obtaining and using alternative nicotine products and from buying and selling kratom in the City of Gluckstadt.

The Madison County Journal reported the ordinance was passed in November in an effort to protect minors from the adverse health effects of nicotine products, whether it be in the form of a conventional cigarette or electronic cigarettes.

The ordinance states that no one under the age of 21 can possess an alternative nicotine product and/or electronic cigarette on school property.

If violated, a citation will be issued. The first offense for violating the ordinance is a $50 fine and up to 30 hours of community service, along with successful completion of a class aimed at education and deterring the use of tobacco, alternative nicotine products and electronic cigarettes.

The second offense is a $250 fine and up to 60 hours of community service along with completion of the same class in the first offense and a parent or legal guardian of the minor defendant must attend and complete the class with them. 

The ordinance goes into effect in January 2023.