GLUCKSTADT to become new city

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GLUCKSTADT, Miss. (WJTV) After a decade of back and forth, the Madison County community of Gluckstadt is about to become a city.

The push to incorporate Gluckstadt as a city started with a petition, that first petition was difficult to get off the ground and running, but a second effort  to get this plan into motion started about 2 years ago. This time they were able to get the needed signatures and file that petition.

Chancery Court Judge James Walker set boundaries for the community of Gluckstadt to be incorporated as a city, allowing them to control their own future.

The City of Canton was also a part of hearing, city leaders wanted to annex 5 different areas, some of which overlapped Gluckstadt. Judge Walker divided up the desired areas–giving each town a little bit of what they asked for.

If there is no appeal to this ruling, the process to become a city starts with appointing the mayor and board of alderman.

After a few more legal steps are taken, a 10 day window to make an appeal will begin.

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