GOODMAN, Miss. (WJTV) – The Goodman Police Department in Holmes County is facing staffing and funding issues.

A group of concerned citizens showed up to the Goodman Town Hall on Wednesday, June 8. They said they are fed up with the lack of resources at the police department.

“We need to come together to get more funding for the people of Goodman, and we need more help,” said a Goodman resident.

There has been a recent uptick in crime, and there are only three officers on the force.

“We really need help. It’s children out playing, and they‘re popping guns up just like ain’t tomorrow. Please, we need help. Whatever it takes. I be scared for my grandkids to run out there in the apartment complex. I be afraid of that,” said a Goodman resident.

The Holmes County Sheriff’s Department steps in when they can, but they are also short staffed.

Goodman Police Chief Willie Mack said ever since Mayor Ricky Anderson took office, there have been problems with getting paid. He said officers are paying out of pocket for equipment and had to get second jobs to make ends meet.

Mack believes some elected officials are nonchalant about the issues at the department.

“It’s sad that some of them don’t care. That’s my personal opinion, and I’m going to stand by it because their actions speak louder than words. I pretty much have been going to different departments asking if they could give us some equipment like vehicles. We had two vehicles donated from the Tippah Sheriff’s Department and one from the Flowood Police Department. We’re in need of things in order to do our job effectively,” said Mack.

Ideally, Chief Mack said he would need at least 10 officers, but with the town already recovering from a tornado in March, one of the aldermen said the budget is tight.

“We’re looking to ask if there’s anybody out there that can help us. We’re living in the poorest state; Mississippi. We’re living in the poorest county; Holmes. Also, we’re living in the poorest town; Goodman,” said Alderman Michael Howard.

Mack said he has filed a grievance.

There was supposed to be a Board of Alderman meeting on Wednesday, June 8, but it was canceled.

WJTV 12 News reached out to the mayor, but we have not heard back.