Government Shutdown, President Trump is unhappy

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With just days to go before a crucial government funding deadline, President Trump is not happy with the bipartisan compromise on border security.

President Donald Trump says, “The answer is no, I’m not. I’m not happy.”

President Trump is not pleased with the current border security funding deal — but not entirely rejecting the idea of signing it. 

President Donald Trump: ” I don’t think you’re going to see a shutdown.” on Monday night, after a weekend impasse, top hill negotiators said they had reached a compromise.

 One that falls well short of President Trump’s $5.7 billion asked for a border wall — and also shy of funds proposed in a Senate package last year. 

The bipartisan agreement includes — among other items — $1.375 billion for barrier funding — prohibiting the use of concrete walls– to cover roughly 55 miles of new barrier. 

Nita Lowey says, “This is a compromise. No one got everything they wanted.” 

The goal now — get legislation moving through Congress. 

Sen. Mitch Mcconnel majority leader says, “I look forward to reviewing the full text as soon as possible and hope the Senate can act on this legislation in short order.” 

If he does sign off on the bill to avoid another government shutdown, President Trump hinted he is looking at other options for the border wall funds.

President Donald Trump says, “We’re building the wall, and we’re using other methods other than this, and in addition to this.” 

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