Tonight hundreds gathered to honor a Mississippi football player who passed away on Friday. WJTV 12’s Alex Love was at his candlelight vigil in Greenville.


On this field he was number one on his jersey, but tonight Greenville high’s Jeremiah Williams was also number one in the community’s heart.


Inside the same football stadium where he played his last game on the gridiron, teammates, family, and friends of Jeremiah Williams held a ceremony to keep his memories alive forever.


“Some of the community members and the student body decided they wanted to use the football field,” Greenville High Principal Melvin Brown said. “And I had no problem with that.” 


“It just shows how great of a person and player he is,” Greenville junior Erick Simmons said. “Yes the tragedy happened but we still have memories of him that were just out of the world,” Simmons continued.


On Nov. 2nd against Madison Central Williams was playing defensive back and going in for a tackle, but broke his C1 and C4 Vertebrae in the process.


“When he got hit and went down I just thought he was automatically going to get back up,” Simmons explained. “Because of the type of player he is he’s just so tough.”


Now just over a week since his accident and passing, the community of Greenville, along with the entire state have united with the Williams family through faith and support. Including a GoFundMe page raising over $40,000 for them, coming from nearly 900 different donors.


“We know this family is going to have a mountain of medical bills,” Errick Simmons,the Mayor of Greenville said.  “He was on the ventilator for a week and he was in ICU,” Mayor Simmons continued. “So they’re going to have a mountain of medical bills.” 


Mayor Simmons also announced earlier this week on Facebook he’s declaring Thursday Nov. 15. Jeremiah Williams Day, where all of the towns McDonalds will donate 20% of their sales to cover any remaining medical bills for them.