JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Greyhound Station in downtown Jackson moved once again, and there are no upcoming trips out of the capital city on the company’s website.

Dr. Scott Crawford is a member of the City of Jackson’s Americans with Disabilities Act Advisory Council and was set to take a business trip to Birmingham on Wednesday.

Due to his disabilities, traveling by bus is the most convenient, but Greyhound canceled his trip about 24 hours before.

“It’s a lot of work for someone like me to arrange a trip to Birmingham. It’s a lot of logistics. I have to get paratransit reservations over there. I have to make appointments to see people over there. Everything is complicated more so for someone like me in a wheelchair,” said Crawford.

This is not the first time Crawford had issues when trying to board a Greyhound bus. Back in July, he was supposed to take another business trip, but he could not board the bus because it had no wheelchair accommodations.

In August, Greyhound moved to the Loves gas station in Flowood, but the company was sent a cease-and-desist letter from the city. The station moved back to West Capitol Street.

On Friday, Crawford got an email saying Greyhound moved again, but this time it moved to the Best Western on Larson Street. As of Tuesday, nothing comes up when you search for buses leaving from Jackson.

“That’s the only intercity bus line that I’m aware of in this area. There are no trips scheduled for at least two weeks. This is the capital of the state of Mississippi. We’re the largest city in the state of Mississippi, and Greyhound is not going to serve us? It certainly disproportionately impacts people with disabilities, older adults, people who can’t drive, people who don’t have cars. How are we supposed to get around?” Crawford questioned.

Greyhound officials said they’re sourcing a new, improved location in Jackson. This comes after the city field a cease-and-desist motion for Greyhound to stop working from the Best Western parking lot.