JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A local organization is working to heal parts of Jackson and bring about change.

Bridging the Gap Outreach Ministries is working to better the streets of the capital city through prayer and community connections.

“Out of the heart for believing that it’s time for the church to come out of the four walls and go to the four corners everywhere in Jackson, and to proclaim his name and say, ‘We are going to take back this city for the lower human and remove the evil that’s here,’ because people don’t deserve to have to live on these blocks and hear gunfire at night,” said Ron Aldridge, with Bridging the Gap Outreach Ministries.

For group leaders, it’s about being a part of that positive change, leading with love, faith, and compassion. Starting at the corner of Prentiss and Capitol Streets on Saturday, they made their way through west Jackson.

“We had a gentleman over in South Jackson when we did this, walked up and actually broke out in tears and said he needed a job. We were able to help him and lift the spirits. So, it’s been very positive, and this is exactly one in our communities to be out here to shed hope, to give life to those. And I believe people are hungry for it. And so if we can be an answer to prayer, then we’re happy to be out here doing this,” said Cameron Tate, executive director of Bridging the Gap Outreach Ministries.

They are working to touch every part of Jackson, already visiting parts of Fondren, West Jackson and South Jackson. Downtown Jackson is on their agenda.