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Mississippi could welcome 5 new charter schools come September.

One organization is taking a second attempt to build a charter school in Canton a reality.
WJTV 12’s Katey Roh spoke with leaders with SR-1 about what improvements they’ve made.

“SR1 isn’t giving up, they’re trying for a second time to put a charter school in Canton.”

“Our parents and our students actually proposed the idea to us.”

Dorlisa Hutton made that comment back in 2017–talking about SR1’s efforts to add a charter school to the City of Canton–an effort that fell just short.

“There were just areas that we wanted to go back in and improve, so we could make sure we  are providing good college preparatory and stem.”

SR1 is  a non-profit which tutors students in STEM subjects and teaches healthy living habits after school and during summer programs–

In 2017 parents and students were behind the push to add a charter school in 
Canton. Things haven’t changed.

“As an organization, Madison is one of our counties, and we serve students in Canton, we were doing such a good job with our students in Canton as far as them improving academically and socially a lot of parents a lot of leaders actually asked us.”

The group continued to focus on improving their stem programs–improvements supported by feedback.

“We also reached out to some who are running the top charter schools throughout the united states, we just got feedback from those and individuals who are also founding partners.”

Although it didn’t go as planned, Hutton and her team are staying positive this go around.

“Ee’re looking forward as always staying optimistic because we know we have the children’s best value at heart so were just looking forward as we continue through this process.”

“SR1 will find out if they’ve been awarded a contract come September, in Ridgeland, Katey Roh WJTV 12.”

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